Welcome Traveler!

You have encountered the Journals of the Golarion Globetrotters, an eclectic collection of memoirs by various adventurers who have traveled countless roads, trails and footpaths.

Be alert, there may be spoilers ahead! These wanderers live (or lived) through events recounted through various Pathfinder Adventure Paths. Stories of falling stars, ancient plagues and mighty revolutions fills these pages. All efforts will be made not to drop hints of a history that may have happened, a history that should have happened but was diverted, or a history that is yet to come. It is, however, important for you to be informed as you prepare to follow in our footsteps that some spoilers may leak through.

These accounts follow heroes and villains, persons of honor and also of greed, of violence or indifference.

Journey on, bold Traveler. Hear these stories and listen well. Your feet may lead you upon these very roads. Their destiny may one day prove to be your own.

Golarion Globetrotters

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